Roads to Opportunity

Transportation has been a part of human existence for a long time. It only makes sense that it is interwoven in every aspect of our lives today, and increasingly plays a crucial role as we age.

Giving seniors easy access to safe and comfortable transportation is no easy feat. More jurisdictions find it harder these days to provide transportation to the growing senior population who need to get to doctor's appointments, friends' parties, to church and to the grocery store. As a result, many seniors are isolated, and isolation can lead to depression.

We are pleased to be in the non-medical, anti-depression business for seniors. It offers so many roads to the opportunities in life.

When I think about "roads to opportunity" that we offer customers, I recognize that, like beauty, opportunity means different things to different people. For one of the couples we have transported at Knollwood Military Retirement Home, we provide the opportunity to visit friends at night-time parties with the independence they are accustomed to. For one of the women we transported to the hairdesser, we supported the opportunity to look her best for her beau in the hospital. And for the wife of a man with early-stage memory loss, we provided the opportunity for peace of mind and to find joy in her own professional and personal pursuits.

In our business, the flip side of this "road to opportunity" is experienced by our drivers. I think we all clearly recognize the opportunity each ride represents for us. Not only do we provide these "opportunities" for customers and their loved ones, we receive them as well. I am not talking about the obvious--payment for a service provided. I am focusing on the thought-provoking exchanges, the nuggets of wisdom, the stories and scenic location discoveries that come from every ride experience.

It makes for a life not only well-traveled, but worth traveling.

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