New Year, New Goals

Every New Year's Eve, I have that nagging compulsion to set a new goal for the coming year. Losing 10 pounds is always a favorite resolution of mine. Some years I have hit that goal; most years I have not.

Fortunately, business goals are about expansion and growth, not scaling back. This July, we will hit our five-year mark. While we are still very lean and small as a company, our survival and double-digit percentage annual revenue growth are still cause for a happy dance. Most small businesses don't survive the half-decade mark. In nearly five years, we have earned high marks from our customers for the service we provide, due in large part to the dedication of our concierge-drivers.

To celebrate this milestone, we are committed to the 2020 goal of producing a quarterly newsletter. I must give credit to Marjorie Booker, who has been with Silver Sedans from the beginning, for lighting the fire that made this year's business resolution more than a fleeting thought.